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I know, most of users are searching bots like crazy, some bots, who will surf automatically, after giving a list of URL. Yes, I was also one of them. And I found that most of them requires to complete a survey.... That is ridiculous to me. I hate survey as like as you do...So, after searching and surfing, I was able to get some working bots. and Now I am going to share it with you. I think this post will help you. MAKE INSTANT MONEY WITH BOTS...:)

Click on Adf.ly links to download bot and skip ad 4time

1. Bucks Bot


Yes, the screencaps will tell you everything. You have to put the LinkBucks URL and the PROXY, then set the delay time and # of repeats, then just start the bot and do your other work... This BOT will surf all of those links one by one through the proxy and will make some delay. You can check it is working or not by clicking the Browser tab.

2. linkbucks.com+Superior


This works only for one link at a time. Put a link in the Link bar, select using proxy or not, if using proxy then load the proxy from a text file by clicking the load list button. set the interval, and finally click Start.

3. adfly Bot v5


Though the name of the bot is adfly bot, it will work for adfly and linkbucks both. The use of this bot is too easy, just load the list of the links, load the list of the proxy, set the waiting time, then click start. 

4. 10k hits bot

This bot works only for 5 links, so for best result make a list of 5 links of your adfly or linkbucks, then put the list here by clicking Load URL button. If you want to use proxy, click the Load Proxy button. It can grab proxy from hidemyass.com site on its own. Finally click Start.

This bot works only with adfly links. It doesn't accept the linkbucks or other links. Click Add button, select the textfile containing the list of the adfly links, if you want to use proxy, select the proxy list files, then start bot. Oh, one thing, you have to setup this bot on your windows.

6. Adf.ly Bot 1.3

This is a good bot, but the problem is this, you have to add all of your links manually, one by one. Right click on the links area, choose add links, paste your links and click okay. When you are done, all links are submitted, choose proxy, and then, right click in the white area and select Start.

7. AdF.ly - Bot 2013


This is a old bot, but this is good in that way, it has a own network, it spreads link in his network and all users who are using this bot, will click your link, while you will click others link. And its proxy management is too hard. Try it.

I had these seven bots, and still i am searching all over the internet. I will post here if i find any new and latest bot, i promise... :) Now, Happy Earning.... Make Money.... 

FOR PROXIE, you can use this

For proxie, there are several websites and softwares. I use hidemyass.com I think this is one of the best. And I have a proxy grabber, which grabs proxie from hidemyass.com automatically.. Just I have to click one button.....


download working bot

Note : If any file or link doesn't work or broken then make comment i'll upload it again

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